The Computer as a Creator's Tool!

Computers give us countless opportunities for learning, creativity, communication, e-services, etc. But for many, these doors remain closed because they do not have the necessary knowledge....

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Ole kursis GreenDice'i tegemistega ja saa uusi teadmisi!

Previous project

GreenDice’s technology circulation allows Rakke Educational Society to organize computer courses for the elderly

Under the leadership of the Rakke Education Society, a computer course for the elderly began in January. The course teaches basic computer skills, and nine participants started […]

  • Rakke Educational Society is part of GreenDice community.
  • GreenDice remains responsible for the operation of the computers throughout their useful life.
  • If computers are no longer needed, they will be greating value in GreenDice community.
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Companies that contributed to the project and whose environmental impact will be reduced through cooperation

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