We talked about sustainability with the students of Iisaku Gymnasium

As part of the World Cleaning Day held last week, Iisaku Gymnasium asked us to visit to tell schoolchildren what opportunities a green and caring attitude to things creates.

We shared our thoughts and stories separately for the three school levels, which allowed us to talk to the young people about the aspect they could identify with the most. It could be seen that our arrival and presentation caused a lot of excitement, especially among the primary classes, who were very active in asking questions and thinking along. The younger ones were also bigger dreamers and dared to say out loud who they wanted to be in the future. Elementary and high school youth were also very practical and good debaters. < /span>

We talked about what a computer is a today and how it can be your smartest friend. The CEO of GreenDice, Argo Alaniit, also shared his story about the saga of getting his first computer and what he was able to learn using the device. A great interest in computers and the information contained in them led the young man to his business ideas and enabled him to earn money on his own from an early age.

In addition, we became aware of how IT equipment is manufactured, what a product contains, and where the materials come from. We believe that young people understood that the more we consume things, the more we destroy natural resources. Through real-life examples, we also passed on the knowledge of why it is important to take care of your things and how to properly maintain your IT equipment.

We are grateful to the director of Iisaku Gymnasium Külli Guljavin for the warm welcome!