We attended London Climate Technology Show

Last week we participated in the London Climate Technology Show “Net Zero Future”, and it was a blast. Big thanks to the organizers, who did a great job. The supporting team was always available and replied quickly to different questions.

Of course, traveling from Estonia and trying to keep our luggage light while bringing along all the necessary items was a challenge, but we managed quite well.

It was the second international event GreenDice has participated. In May, we attended Swedish Sustainability Expo, and we noticed a significant difference in the participants. Compared to the Swedish event, London event had a large presence of offsetting companies. In Sweden, offsetting is not considered the primary solution for reducing carbon footprints but rather a last resort.

However, talking with a carbon credits company, their perspective made sense. Their pitch is simple: many organizations are not actively pursuing sustainability, and their goals seem distant. Buying nature-backed carbon credits is a step they can take in the early stages, which is still better than doing nothing.

People in the UK were much more open and communicative than we are used to in Estonia.

We truly appreciated the encouraging words from various individuals and were delighted that some were willing to listen attentively for up to 40 minutes to grasp the concept that GreenDice aims to put into practice.

We are greatful to every person who took the time to listen to our solution, and there were many of you! 😊

Our CEO, Argo Alaniit, had the opportunity to present our idea on the stage and received valuable feedback.

We look forward to hearing more from the companies we met at the London Climate Technology Show.  You are all welcome to partner with us and start your sustainable journey with a real circular solution.