What does GreenDice do?

An exciting and busy year is coming to an end. We have grown as a company, become more environmentally aware and have also shared our knowledge with our partner companies, of which there are more than 230 today. We are grateful to each of you for trusting us, coming along with our vision, and sharing so much positive feedback.

During the year, we have often encountered the question, what does GreenDice do?

When doing something new, it is more difficult to understand our activities, and in fact, to understand, you must be more environmentally conscious than average.

An environmentally conscious person knows that every activity, product, or service always has its own environmental impact. To evaluate this numerically, the term carbon footprint is used, which is measured per kg/CO2 or t/CO2, and the higher it is, the more harmful the given activity is to the environment.

In our explanation, we have used, for example, a parallel to a kilometer – the more kilometers there are, the longer the distance. The greater the volume of kg/CO2, the greater the impact on the environment.

GreenDice helps its partner companies reduce the environmental impact of their ICT (Information and Communication Technology) equipment with the help of the GreenDice community. Every time a device is produced, a negative environmental impact is created. That is why it is important that the devices are used for as long as possible between different groups in society. If the entire life map of the equipment is checked to the end, the environmental impact of production can be mathematically divided between user groups. In addition, it creates a controlled pathway so that devices end up in targeted recycling rather than floating around in society.

To better understand the shared responsibility, we bring a parallel from the use of public transport. One bus ride has its own environmental impact. If the impact of this trip on the environment is divided among all the people on the bus, it is significantly less than if each person were to drive the given journey in their own personal car.

We do the same at GreenDice, sharing the environmental impact of products between different target groups and thereby reducing the carbon footprint of all parties. In addition, we prevent the generation of technical waste and reduce the consumption of low-quality products.

GreenDice is designed so that every person in the world can enter the computer world and thereby change their life for the better. The positive environmental impact that comes with us is just a prime example of how going green makes things better in the world.

Estonian people can already enter the IT world through our community, which is cheaper to join than a Big Mac meal – 5.90 euros per month: www.greendice.ee/liitu

As consumers, we can make decisions that guide companies to reduce their environmental impact, and as you can see from the GreenDice model, good things start to happen for society.

If you want to consume the products and services of responsible and green-thinking companies, visit our webpage, and see which companies’ ICT devices participate in GreenDice’s technical circulation.

Let’s make more environmentally conscious decisions together!