Why was GreenDice created?

The printing press made books accessible, and the measurable sharing of environmental impact makes an IT device with directional community support more affordable than a Big Mac meal.
Join the green revolution from €5.9 per month!

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A computer in the 21st Century is an opportunity to change your life.

But more than half of the world lacks that opportunity.

Our founder witnessed this when he first visited North Africa; it reminded him of his childhood growing up in a small Estonian Village without a computer.

Talent is everywhere, but opportunities are not.

GreenDice for companies?

You are a company that understands that there is no specific magic bullet on the sustainability journey, but you have to look for and find different reasonable solutions.

GreenDice offers one honest and precisely measurable carbon footprint reduction service that really makes a world of difference to the usual greenwashing!

Cooperation with GreenDice allows organizations to influence thousands of people and participate in the achievement of the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals!

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Join yourself or bring your family to the GreenDice community

You can get a top-class laptop or desktop computer from only €5.90 per month, with no binding commitment. Includes access to the community platform, where we are always there to help and guide you to learn and develop. In addition, you help reduce the environmental impact of our partner companies.

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Previous project

Omniva and GreenDice are improving the IT capabilities of educational and cultural institutions in Võru municipality through technology recycling

Omniva and the technology recycling company GreenDice have started a collaboration. As part of their first joint project, well-maintained IT devices from Omniva will be provided to […]

  • Institutions of Võru Municipality received 24 laptops and 29 desctop vomputer sets.
  • GreenDice remains responsible for the operation of the computers throughout their useful life.
  • After 4-5 years, when computers no longer create value, GreenDice takes them back and contributes to the recycling of materials.
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Companies that contributed to the project and whose environmental impact will be reduced through cooperation

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